The reintroduction of lynx into the Piska Primeval Forest

"Born to be free"

At present only about 200 lynxes live in Poland; mainly in the Bieszczady Mountains, much smaller population is in the northeast part of Poland, mainly in the Białowieska Primeval Forest. These lowland lynxes (less spotted) are more endangered with extinction.  Partly isolated population in the Piska Primeval Forest extincted for about 20 years. The reason of extinction was to undue shot. Because the forests on the Mazurian Lake District  are still very natural, it seems that this beautiful predator could come back to its primary habitats. Since in the Polish zoological gardens there were no lowland lynxes bred, some animals were brought from Belarus (Minsk ZOO), most similar to those, which were living on this area before.

         The new original method “born to be free” was worked out in the Wildlife Park Kadzidłowo; in the forest there were built the enclosures where  the adult animals were placed. The young  were born in the quiet forest  and the enclosure was constructed in such way, that the cups could free go out into the natural biotope from the beginning of their lives

through the openings too small for adult lynxes. 

         2007 is the fourth year of the reintroduction program in cooperation with the State Forests and the Mazurian Landscape Park, and since 2006 also with WWF – Poland.


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